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maerskThere are changes on the way the H1 Unlimited fleet will be shipped overseas to Doha, Qatar this coming November to compete for the UIM World Championship and Oryx Cup.

And the return will be even quicker for some race teams since UNlimnited hydroplane racing was introduced to Doha in 2009.

Peters & May has been the company tasked to get the fleet overseas the last 5 years, and will transport the hydros in a few mnonths.

Chief Executive for Peters & May, Dave Holley, tells Hydro News that there will be two different ways used to transport the fleet.

Diamond Cup LLC Letter To H1 Board of Directors

BreakingNewsThis is letter was obtained by Hydro-News from an anonymous source and is published in its entirety without bias and limited editing, only for legal reasons. 


<H1 Letter 7-18-14 Final Final Revised.docx>

H1 Chairman and Board:

The 2014 Diamond Cup is officially canceled. We would like to enlighten this board on our opinion as to the five reasons why we believe that this has come about.

1. Sam Cole started an email campaign in January of 2014 in which he notified people outside of the owners of Diamond Cup Unlimited, LLC that the Company was in arrears and that he was demanding payment. A local individual named XXXXXX was one of the recipients of Mr. Cole’s emails.  Word got to us from XXXXXX, in January that Sam Cole was personally interested in owning the rights to the Diamond Cup. XXXXXX subsequently notified an employee of a local boat dealership, which is owned by the owner of the local newspaper (the Coeur d’Alene Press), of the personal financial dealings between H1 and the Diamond Cup (since XXXXXX had received the financial information from Sam Cole without the authorization of Diamond Cup Unlimited). The information was soon thereafter printed in the Coeur d' Alene Press in February, along with several damaging quotes directly from Sam Cole regarding our private business dealings with H1.
We had spent every single day from the end of the race to that point in time trying to secure sponsorship or a loan to take care of the H1 debt. Of course, after the Coeur d' Alene Press article, local resources were reluctant to support the race, and so we started looking harder outside of the area. Cole and XXXXXX continued, we believe, to “feed” the local paper with damaging proprietary and personal financial information so as to inhibit and impede our ability to raise outside financing.

2. We are aware that Sam Cole made contact with potential major sponsorship sources in an attempt to gain support for his alternate group of race organizers. Among those contacted was Craig Brosenne of the Hagadone Corporation. According to Brosenne, Cole advised him of his intention to take over the race and asked if the Brosenne’s employer (the Hagadone Corporation) was interested in coming on board. Brosenne told us in a face-to-face meeting that the Hagadone group had declined the offer.
3. In the wake of the e-mail campaign, we received notification from a representative of the Inland Northwest Bank (INB) of Spokane, Washington, the banking institution responsible for the banking activities of Diamond Cup LLC, that Sam Cole had contacted his office in what we believe to be an effort to procure the suspension of ticket sales for the 2014 Labor Day event. He advised the banker that tickets should not be sold for the 2014 race because of the Diamond Cup LLC’s financial situation. Cole made such contacts, we believe, with actual knowledge that he was interfering with our business relationship with both INB and TicketsWest, the event’s ticket provider.

4. Sam Cole, who is the Chairman of H1, has not provided anything but headaches for a new race organization. He offered very little in guidelines, absolutely no financing, and unlike other national racing organizations, he offered little media attention and no sponsorships. We know that we are not the only struggling venue, so either the interest in hydroplanes has dropped significantly or the leadership has failed significantly. We are wondering if Sam Cole openly discussed the financial shortcomings of the San Diego or the Sacramento races in their daily newspaper. We have our doubts, and we continue to question how maligning us was going to help get our bills paid (aside from what appear to be improper business practices in sharing such information without our consent).

5. We take ownership of the financial shortcomings for the first Diamond Cup race in 45 years, but with the problems we were having, we expected to be supported by the Hydroplane community and H1 in particular, instead of the constant public criticism and negativity that we have never recovered from.

We have retained all the structural permits required to carry the Diamond Cup forward to 2014, but in part because of the funding struggles and the Sheriff’s singular effort to refuse to accept an application for a Marine Event permit in conformity with his statutory obligations, we could not deliver a race this year. Regardless of what XXXXXX may have told you, we have not been offered a buyout. The Diamond Cup could be for sale, but anyone choosing to go around us will find that we have the 3 year Idaho Department of Lands permit, the Idaho Parks and Rec. permit, and the Idaho Transportation permit, all of which are necessary for this race to occur.

Additionally, we had secured funding subject to the issuance of all permits, We are reviewing our options regarding the legality of the Sheriff's financial and other demands that he set forth as conditions for the issuance of the Marine Event permit.

We have worked tirelessly on the 2014 Diamond Cup at the expense of our own finances, families, and mental well- being. If effort was the only thing required, this event would be happening twice this year.


Doug Miller
Keith Kroetch
Diamond Cup Unlimited, LLC

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing TV Delivers

It wasn't all that long ago we were dialing a 1-900 number to hear Jim Hendrick give you updates from hydroplane racing around the US or you had to wait until the next day to read the box scores in the local papers to know who won. As the internet evolved so has our need for information as we become a "I want it now" society. Some of the first live internet streaming from race sites was done in Evansville with a single laptop, video camera, and a mic cable from the PA audio mixer to the computer's mic input. In the passing years more and more groups have started streaming the races and bringing the action from the banks of the river or lake to the living rooms to those thousands of miles away.7272Jim Simpson above the pits in Madison earlier this season. Photo courtesy of unlimiteds.net and Craig Barny


In June we were introduced to Unlimited Hydroplane Racing TV by Jim Simpson who many in the sport may know from his beautiful pictures captured as he traveled the circuit. Simpson really started streaming on a Pay Per View bases in 2013 but many problems with bandwidth at race sites and streaming cutting off of buffering at inopportune times such as right as the race started which left fans furious. Now in 2014 it seems that Simpson has figured out many of the problems that plagued live streaming in the past and has invested in more and better equipment to capture the action.


Simpson says each week of racing offers different challenges "every race site has a wonderfully cooperative staff and help us the best they can. Although that makes our behind-the-scenes tasks a bit easier, there are still a considerable number of variables to consider. Each race venue has differing geography, logistics, service providers, etc., so every race is like a brand new engineering project. We'd like to give special thanks to WORX in Madison for making their broadband Internet connection available to us. Tim Torrance and his team went out of their way to help us. In Detroit, we want to thank Ed Miller for setting up our Internet connection and monitoring performance while we were on-air. While race sites are expected to make Internet service available for press coverage and boat team use, they are not required to provide broadband connections necessary to support live streaming. The folks in Madison and Detroit really extended extra effort on our behalf."



schumacherscahill mugBill CahillAfter 8 years as owners of an Unlimited hydroplane race team, Billy and Jane Schumacher have stepped aside as owners of the 37.

Multiple sources within the sport have told Hydro News that long time hydro sponsor Bill Cahill has aquired the 37 team.

Negotiations have been on-going for the transfer of the team from the Schumacher's to Cahill for weeks.

The team is not at the season opener in Madison this weekend.

The Schumacher's have been rumored to be in financial trouble the last several years, and Cahill became more involved with the team in 2012.

Cahill has sponsored a number a teams over the years, including the Schumacher's, with his company Beacon Plumbing.

Lipton Tea came on board this season for the Schumacher's as a sponsor. No word if that sponsorship is still binding with Cahill taking over the team.

Also no word as to a driver for the new Bill Cahill led team.

Scott Liddycoat was hired in the offseason to replace the departed J. MIchael Kelly.

The status of Liddycoat is up in the air with the Cahill aquisition.

Former Gold Cup and National Champion Billy Schumacher returned to the sport in 2006.

Along with his wife, Jane, they bought the former U-8 Llumar team from Bill Wurster and had immediate success.

With Jean Theoret at the helm, the team won 3 races in 2006, including the APBA Gold Cup and UIM World Championship.

A win in their hometown of Seattle that same year, and '06 became a dream season for the rookie owners.

They added another win in Evansville in 2008, and ended their days as owners with 4 victories on the H1 Unlimited tour.

This is a fluid story and is evolving quickly.

Stay with Hydro News for the latest and most accurate news of Unlimited hydroplane racing.


markweber 1Detroit, Michigan (June 28, 2014) — The Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame has announced champion hydroplane driver and Gold Cup race director Mark Weber will be inducted as a member of their class of 2014.

Mark Weber has won championships in virtually every class he raced, from 5 Liters to Unlimiteds, amassing 20 National and International championships in all.  

“To say I am honored to be in such great company as I am with the other members of the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame would be an understatement,” Weber said. 

The sport’s premier sanctioning body, the American Power Boat Association, has acknowledged Weber, with selection to the APBA Hall of Champions and Honor Squadron, the organization’s two highest honors.

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